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Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms

Did I post this already? Well, if so it’s worth it to post it again. Sir Ken Robinson is one of the few people who is making sense all the time when he’s talking about education, what’s wrong with it and what could or should be done about it.

Well that’s my opinion at least. I care about education in a very simular way.

Also, I happen to care a lot about creativity. I think creativity is going to save the world.

Sadly, the program I’ve been teaching at for eleven years, an Art & Design mid-level high school program, has been ended by our government. It’s the only mid-level program in the Netherlands that teaches creativity and also the only mid-level high school program that after graduating provides access to the higher level art academies. About 80% of the teenagers follow a mid-level route through their high school. For them to gain access to an art academy has now become nearly impossible. (Check this post to learn more about the Dutch school system.)

What disturbs me is that it’s not just that, it’s the fact that creativity is so overly underestimated. Creativity is a capacity that is available to everyone and it has nothing (or little) to do with academic skills. All the mid-level high school programs provide lot’s of skills and competence. However, creativity is not one of them. The higher level high school programs do provide (some) drawing, painting, sculpting, drama and music in their educational systems. Why just them?

Studies have proven that student who spent time on drawing, painting, sculpting, drama and music in school score much higher on language and maths tests. Tests that seem to be very important to some. Sir Ken Robinson is refering to all this in this talk (Youtube).

For me it shouldn’t be the reason why we should care more about creativity and subjects that deal with it directly, but hell, if that’s what it takes to establish a paradigm shift…



Pedagogische Praktijk de Creatieve Chaoot on Strikingly

Pedagogische Praktijk de Creatieve Chaoot on Strikingly.

Welkom op de site van de Pedagogische Praktijk de Creatieve Chaoot.
Pedagogische Praktijk de Creatieve Chaoot heeft als doel ouders/verzorgers van creatieve chaoten te ondersteunen in hun opvoedings- en/of ontwikkelingsproces. De creatieve chaoot is een type mens dat, zoals de naam al zegt, creatief en chaotisch is. Een creatieve chaoot krijgt vaak een (psychiatrisch) label.
De labels die naar ons idee (bijna altijd) vallen onder de noemer “creatieve chaoot” zijn AD(H)D, dyslexie, hoogbegaafdheid en autisme spectrum labels. Wij richten ons op kinderen met een normale tot hoge intelligentie.
Er worden diensten geleverd aan zowel ouders individueel, als aan ouders samen met hun kind. Pedagogische Praktijk de Creatieve Chaoot streeft er naar om professionele, adequate en kwalitatieve ondersteuning te bieden. Wij werken voornamelijk vanuit een positieve focus.