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What Art Can Do For A City

Source: An Artist’s Kiss to Awaken the City – LinkedIn

An Artist’s Kiss to Awaken the City
© Mark van den Brink

An Artist’s Kiss to Awaken the City

 Eva de Klerk – bottom-up project booster – Jul 29, 2015

What a beautiful image: The city is sleeping. Maybe she’s lost her pulse. Nothing and no one can awaken her. Then comes the artist with a gift for the city: A KISS. A soft delicious kiss on the mouth. A flowery kiss that brings back radiance, vitality and breath. A kiss is a powerful metaphor. I believe it takes two for a really good kiss.

Based on a case that I was closely involved with, I would like to observe the dynamics of a kiss between the artist and the city. Must the artist do all the kissing, or does the city kiss back? And what is the nature of their kiss?

The case study is about the NDSM shipbuilding yard. I would like to focus on the early phase of it’s redevelopment and on it’s background: From an abandoned shipbuilding yard to a cultural hotspot by the waters of Het IJ.
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